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Real, Raw Conversations

A safe place where we talk about hard things.

Check out this conversation Chad had with Dana Brown of Zoe Freedom Center! Her organization is a lot like The Hope Project and she was also found freedom from addiction like Chad. In this conversation, they talk about all that their ministries are about, how to find forever freedom from addiction, and how to love someone with an addiction! If you or someone you know has ever been addicted or been affected by someone with an addiction, you need to watch this! We know that it will bless you, encourage you, and help you obtain the tools needed to find forever freedom from whatever it is you're going through!!

Join us as we talk with Dana M. Brown, as she tells us how she went from being drug addicted, to finding forever freedom from addiction! Since finding that freedom, she's started an amazing ministry that helps those who are addicted, wrote a book, and accomplished so much more! She is living proof that God can do a whole lot through the people that the world often deems lost causes!!

In this conversation, Chad interviews Barbara Welkie, a woman who suffered over fifteen years of living with a loved one who was deadly addicted to drugs and alcohol. 

Join us for this important interview we did with Amanda Catarzi Hengst, a human trafficking survivor who is now a child advocate!

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