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Chad was born into a broken home. For years, he struggled to fill a God-sized hole with everything except God. He battled with drug and alcohol addiction for fifteen years until he hit rock bottom and decided to seek help.


After checking himself into a treatment center, he began attending a local church and started hearing about a savior who welcomed the "messy" and "broken."  Chad was tired of running and decided to give his life over to Jesus. As a result, he was immersed in a Christian community that walked alongside of him, teaching him how to grow in his new found freedom in Christ.

After following Jesus for several years and finding himself on staff at the church that he was saved at, Chad met his wife, Ashley.


Ashley had grown up in church and was both familiar and comfortable with her "christian religion." It wasn't until her teen years that she began to grasp the bigger picture, Jesus was more than a story on Sunday. After seeking a relationship with Jesus, she began to see a different image of God. He was full of mercy, grace and love and sought after the hearts of his children. 

Together, Chad and Ashley have a passion to reach people in need of a relationship with Jesus. They believe that there is no one that is too messy, too broken or undeserving of God's love, grace and mercy.  


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