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Offense: Choosing Forgiveness Over Resentment

From post after post on social media to the latest headlines, to the person who just cut you off in traffic—there are so many opportunities to be offended every day. But what if we decided to respond differently to those around us? Together, let’s learn how to live with No Offense, choosing forgiveness over resentment.

Are you easily offended? Lately it seems like everybody is offended. Everybody is angry. Even Christians claim to have a “righteous anger.” But what is all of this accomplishing? We believe that there’s a better way to live.  If you’re ready to stop being offended and get rid of all of the anger that fuels it, you do not want to miss this message!

Have you ever had to deal with difficult people? Of course you have! They’re everywhere! They can be extremely critical, controlling, arrogant and at times really, really mean. You’ll see them shouting at everyone, wreaking havoc on social media, spreading rumors at the office and so many other things that can be a threat to our spiritual, emotional and even physical health. If we’re in recovery, they can pose a great threat to our ability to stay free from a return to use.
If you’re ready to learn how to deal with difficult people in a way that honors who they are and shows the love of God, you do not want to miss this message!

Have you ever wondered how to be light in a dark world? Don't miss this message by Chris Dew from Chris Dew Ministries!

It’s so easy to throw out all of our beliefs about everything, isn’t it? Especially if we believe that we are right about what we’re talking about. That may not be the best approach though. People aren’t drawn to Christ by our moral superiority. Just because you may be right doesn’t mean you're making a difference. Sometimes choosing to simply love people over being right can be more effective in the grand scheme of things. Join us for this message to hear more about why this is so important and how it can radically change your life and your relationships.

Bitterness is a hidden destroyer. It hides beneath the surface but is the source of so many of the problems that we face every day. It puts a strain on your relationships and affects your work in very negative ways. During this message, we define what bitterness is and where it comes from. We also define how you can kill bitterness at the root. If you or someone you know has ever dealt with bitterness, you do not want to miss this!

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