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Community Support Groups

We currently have three community support groups that meet on Monday nights at 7:30PM, in person only, at Seacoast in Summerville, SC. These groups also do life together throughout the week through get togethers and chat threads in each group.

The Hope Project Coed Recovery Group

This is a group for anyone who is ready to get a hand up out of their seemingly hopeless addiction or compulsion, or just learn how to walk in complete freedom. We are transparent and vulnerable with one another in order to get real help for the real issues that we are dealing with. No one has to share. You are welcome to come and just listen. We study the twelve steps along with the Bible. We find that those two things coupled together are a beautiful mixture of hope that leads to healing and freedom. This is an open group, which means that you do not have to have ever struggled with an addiction or compulsion to attend. We would love to have you join it!

The leader of this group is Chad Logan. To connect with him or to find out more about the group, click here.


Family, Friends, and Loved Ones Group

This is for the loved ones of those who have, or are dealing with any kind of addiction or compulsion.

The leader of this group is Barbara Welkie. To connect with her or to find out more about the group, click here.

Community and Growth Group

(For those seeking authentic community and real growth in their lives)

A group for those seeking community and growth.



If you have questions about any of these groups, or would just like more information, email us by clicking here.

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